Hello and Welcome. My name is Brenda  (Carbery) Tang, and I am not an expert. I am the mother of two amazing little boys, the wife of a creative and patient graphic designer, and a Canadian elementary Health and Physical Education and French Immersion homeroom teacher who loves to use technology and mad inspiration in everything she does. I often get asked to mentor teachers in my areas of expertise and I finally feel comfortable to share this with you all.

In these blog posts, I hope to share my knowledge of more than 10 years as an educator, and insights as a mother, to help others along their journey. I’ve had some bumps in the road, some set backs and health concerns, but I love what I do. Please remember, if you think I know a lot, I do not. I am just slightly farther along the learning curve.

All opinions are my own.

Feel free to send me your two cents, good or bad. I hope what you read is worthwhile.